CDT DroidX

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Link Name Signed? CG_num CG_name signature_type start_addr((comment by [mbm]: "subtract the base address from the signature start/end to get the offsets in the mtd files")) end_addr base_addr sig_start_addr sig_end_addr
mbr Yes (OMAP security) 64 mbr 0 0x00000000 0x00020000
mbmloader.img Ramloader Yes (OMAP security) 63 mbmloader 0 0x00020000 0x00040000
mbm.img Motorola Boot Manager Yes (Motorola CSF/HAB) 30 mbm 0 0x00080000 0x00100000
mbmbackup.img MBM backup (identical to MBM) no 55 mbmbackup 0 0x00100000 0x00180000
ebr ebr No 65 ebr 0 0x00180000 0x00200000
bploader.img Baseband software boot loader No 56 bploader 0 0x00200000 0x00280000
cdt.bin MEM_MAP / CDT Table Yes 31 cdt.bin 1 0x00280000 0x00300000
pdsfs.img Yaffs2 image mounted as /etc/pds No 38 pds 0 0x00300000 0x00700000
lbl Linux Boot Loader Yes 34 lbl 1 0x00700000 0x00780000
lbl_backup.img LBL Backup Yes 57 lbl_backup 1 0x00800000 0x00900000
cid No 43 cid 0 0x02580000 0x02600000
sp No 41 sp 0 0x00900000 0x00b00000
devtree Yes 61 devtree 1 0x00b00000 0x00b80000
devtree_backup Yes 62 devtree_backup 1 0x00b80000 0x00c00000
logo.bin Boot Logo Yes 42 logo.bin 0 0x00800000 0x00900000
misc.img Yes 44 misc 0 0x02500000 0x02580000
boot.img Android boot image Yes 35 boot 1 0x01000000 0x01400000
bpsw baseband/gps sw Yes 45 bpsw 2 0x00b20000 0x00ee0000
recovery Android Recovery Yes 47 recovery 1 0x01400000 0x01900000
cdrom No((checked once right after flashing image from SBF)) 33 cdrom 5 0x01900000 0x02500000
system.img Android /system No((checked once right after flashing image from SBF)) 39 system 5 0x02a00000 0x01420000
cache Android /cache No 40 cache 0 0x0cc80000 0x13680000
userdata Android /data No 37 userdata 0 0x20000000 0x40000000
kpanic kernel panic dump No 53 kpanic 0 0x02600000 0x02a00000