California Micro Devices CM1692

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California Micro Devices CM1692


  1. Four, six, and eight channels of EMI filtering with integrated ESD protection
  2. Pi-style EMI filters in a capacitor-inductor-capacitor (C-L-C) network
  3. ±15kV ESD protection on each channel (IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4, contact discharge)
  4. Greater than 30dB attenuation (typical) at 1GHz
  5. 0.5mm thick uDFN package with 0.40mm lead pitch:
    1. 4-channel = 8-lead uDFN
    2. 6-channel = 12-lead uDFN
    3. 8-channel = 16-lead uDFN
  6. Tiny uDFN package size:
    1. 8-lead: 1.70mm x 1.35mm
    2. 12-lead: 2.50mm x 1.35mm
    3. 16-lead: 3.30mm x 1.35mm
  7. RoHS-compliant, Lead-free packaging

Datasheet: File:Cm1692.pdf