ON Semiconductor NUF8401MNT4G

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ON Semiconductor NUF8401MNT4G


The NUF8401MN is an eight−channel (C−R−C) Pi−style EMI filter array with integrated ESD protection. Its typical component values of R = 100 W and C = 12 pF deliver a cutoff frequency of 175 MHz and stop band attenuation greater than −25 dB from 800 MHz to 2.2 GHz. This performance makes the part ideal for parallel interfaces with data rates up to 117 Mbps in applications where wireless interference must be minimized. The specified attenuation range is very effective in minimizing interference from 2G/3G, GPS, Bluetooth® and WLAN signals. The NUF8401MN is available in the low−profile 16−lead 1.6 mm x 4.0 mm DFN16 surface mount package

Datasheet: http://xvilka.org/files/d-sheet/NUF8401MN-D.PDF