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I installed RC11 replacing the RC10 after wiping Dalvik cache and Cache partitions.It is working smoothly now. There is an issue with the Camera.It is not working.I cannot get the camera view to focus .The screen is black with camera settings and the + mark for focussing.But can't see the objects.While clicking, the shutter and flash work,but no picture is taken.I had not checked the camera with RC10.So I replaced RC11 with RC10 now and checked. No Camera function here also.So I again reinstalled Rc 11.I installed from market lg camera and tried again. The same effect as the default camera.What is to be done for getting the camera working?. Will replacing RC11 with RC9 work?The camera is essential for me.So please help.

Waiting with thanks, pnsdhrn

This is hardware issue, sorry.