Broadcomm BCM4750

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Broadcomm BCM4750


The BCM4750 is a single-chip, single-die GPS receiver IC fabricated on 90-nm RFCMOS technology. The BCM4750 integrates a highperformance baseband section with a low-noise CMOS radio front end. It is designed to interface with host processors in mobile phones, PDAs, personal navigation devices (PNDs), and MP3 players. The BCM4750 is a host-based GPS IC that delivers the highest positioning performance yet uses the smallest PCB area in the market today.

Broadcom provides a software library that realizes the GPS navigation solution in the host using minimum resources and with no real time requirements. The BCM4750 uses a patent-pending innovative RF design that improves both current consumption and LNA linearity as well as allowing for a minimum number of external components used.


  1. Single-chip solution (AGPS baseband and CMOS RF frontend integrated on a single-die) minimizing board space footprint (<35 mm² PCB area for a complete AGPS solution)
  2. Up to 2-Hz update rate
  3. Advanced low-power RFCMOS technology and low-power tracking at 13 mW for the longest battery life
  4. Host communication via two-wire UART, I²C-compatible Broadcom Serial Control (BSC), or SPI with baud rates as low as 9.6 Kbps

Datasheet: File:BCM4750.pdf