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CyanogenMod 4 Milestone FAQ

NOTE TO PARTICIPANTS: FOR THE NEXT 10-14 DAYS, I WILL BE MERELY COPY-PASTING MATERIAL in a non-organised matter. Then, I/we will rearrange it, and write the missing parts. PLEASE PARTICIPATE. Until NOW, We are NOT responsible for the CONTENTS OF THIS FAQ. This material has not been revised.


- If this is your FIRST INSTALLATION, or coming from before versions 0.3 or 0.4, EITHER: Flash the GOT 2.2.1 and then follow the steps below, OR Flash Vulnerable Recovery using RSD LITE 4.6 for Windows or Linux FLASHER. - (Unless a new version is out) Use Androiliani Open Recovery. Download the file for it, put it in the /sdcard (i.e. root of your SDCARD) - Download the latest CM image. Put it in the /updates/ of the Open Recovery folder on your sdcard. - Open normal recovery [different versions have different methods of opening Normal Recovery and Bootloader (SOMEONE ADD?) and choose "apply". You will enter Open Recovery. - MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP if you are leaving a different ROM or if you are leaving a ROM in which you made LARGE changes or installations and you are uncertain of the stability of the coming ROM. Keep a copy of the NANDROID backup away from you phone, on your computer. - data wipe/factory reset is highly recommended when you are upgrading from another rom/firmware or from 0.01/0.02 to the current version. In other words, you DO NOT NEED to do a data wipe/factory reset if you are updating from versions 0.3 and 0.4. Just wipe Dalvik and Cache (from Open Recovery). - use OpenRecovery Apply Update menu to install the zip copied to /sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates - the included RIL files are for the European frequencies, if you are in Canada, US, Lat Am or Thailand, you will need to replace them to get 3g working - if you are in France, you should replace ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTEU with ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTFR in /system/build.prop (the ap_gain_france.bin will be used then)