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Tools:signyesyes.jpg==== FAQ ====

Assorted Q&A:

Why is XX not documented in this wiki?

Document it yourself. Just log on and do it.

How do I make a yaffs2 image?

Here's an example of creating a yaffs image from a mtd device:

  1. mkdir /cust
  1. mount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock22 /cust
  1. mkyaffs2image-arm-uclibc /cust /sdcard/cust.img

How do I extract files from a yaffs2 image?

  1. cd /path/to/destination
  1. unyaffs-arm-uclibc /path/to/yaffsfile.img

How can I force the rotation of the display from inside a shell script?

As suggested by nadlabak, we can simulate the event that corresponds to the slide keyboard being opened, which has the side effect of rotating the display.

 # simulate keyboard slide out
 sendevent /dev/input/event4 5 0 0
 # simulate keyboard slide in
 sendevent /dev/input/event4 5 0 1