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  1. Edit all pages - cdt, mbm, boot chain, etc to provide not only Milestone (partially Droid staff), but also this phones.
  2. MAKE EASY NAVIGATION MENU (as an content index, but tiny and useful)
  3. Finish Wrigley 3G modem analysis to successful initialization
  4. Finish 2ndboot for Milestone
  5. Port 2ndboot to other phones (such as listed before)
  6. Do search of vulnerabilities in boot chain
  7. Find datasheet for Broadcomm BCM4750, TriQuint TQM679002, Infineon Smarti 3G UEmicro, Aptina 5131
  8. Find files with names swpu086.pdf, swpu104.pdf and swpu123.pdf (info about Wrigley 3G)