Qualcomm QSC6085

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Quallcomm QSC6085 (Only for Droid)


"QUALCOMM's leading levels of integration have long been recognized as driving down the cost of mobile broadband, opening the door to more capabilities while enabling quicker time to market," said Reiner Klement, senior director of product management for QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies. "By utilizing the fastest CDMA2000 data speeds available today on both the forward and reverse links, the QSC6085 will help drive the fundamental shift of content being generated by the user."

The QSC6085 solution is pin- and software-compatible with QUALCOMM's previous-generation QSC products, including the QSC6055(TM), QSC6065(TM) and QSC6075(TM), allowing device manufacturers to leverage existing hardware platforms and software applications for a comprehensive portfolio of handsets across CDMA2000, EV-DO Rel. 0 and EV-DO Rev. A networks.

QUALCOMM's QSC family integrates baseband modem, multimedia engines, radio transceiver and power management into a single chip to lower R&D, manufacturing and bill-of-materials costs for device manufacturers while accelerating time to market. QSC solutions enable richer functionality in slim, compelling devices with optimized power consumption.


  1. Support for EV-DO Rev. A with backward compatibility to EV-DO Rel.0 and CDMA20003
  2. Equalizer technology for increased EV-DO data throughput
  3. Powerful GPS location capabilities, including gpsOne(R) multi-mode hybrid assisted GPS technology, enabling a broad variety of location services such as navigation, social, safety and security applications
  4. Up to 3 megapixel camera support with anti-shake capability
  5. 15 fps video encode and decode capability
  6. 72-voice polyphonic ringtones with support for multiple audio codecs
  7. Multiple technologies to improve network capacity, including QUALCOMM Linear Interference Cancellation (QLIC(TM)) with pilot and traffic cancellation, and Fourth Generation Vocoder(TM) (4GV(TM)), published as the EVRC-B 3GPP2 standard codec, which gives network operators the flexibility to prioritize voice quality or network capacity
  8. Support for multiple bands, including 800 Mhz, 1900 Mhz and the AWS band (1700/2100 Mhz), with mobile receive diversity
  9. Cost-effective 65 nm process technology and a 12 mm x 12 mm package size

Training: File:Qsc6085-overview.pdf

Training - Audio: File:Qsc6085-audio.pdf

Training - RF: File:Qsc6085-analog rf.pdf

CDMA AT Commands Guide: File:CDMA AT Commands.pdf