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This is a SoC Cortex A8 PoP solution.

The first device in TI's OMAP™ 3 architecture, the OMAP3430 multimedia applications processor delivers up to 3x gain in performance over ARM11-based processors, enabling laptop-like productivity and advanced entertainment in mobile devices. The industry's first application processor to be designed in a 65-nanometer (nm) CMOS process, the OMAP3430 operates at a higher frequency than previous generation OMAP processors while lowering the core voltage and adding power reduction features.

Productivity. The OMAP3430 is the first applications processor in the industry to integrate the ARM® Cortex™-A8 superscalar microprocessor core. Combined with TI's technology in the OMAP3430, the ARM Cortex-A8 enables faster user interfaces, faster data access and boosts productivity and entertainment applications on the mobile phone, while maintaining power efficiencies expected in a wireless handset or mobile device.

Multimedia / Gaming. IVA 2+ a second-generation, power-optimized version of TI's imaging, video and audio accelerator used in TI's DaVinci™ technology provides up to 4x performance improvement in multi-media processing versus previous OMAP processors. The increased capabilities of the IVA2+ enables multi-standard (MPEG4, H264, Windows Media Video, RealVideo etc.) video encode and decode at DVD and up to 720p resolutions. With the advanced multimedia capabilities of the OMAP3430 a multi-standard DVD-quality, and up to 720p-quality camcorder can be added to a phone for the first time. In addition, the ARM's vector floating-point acceleration, coupled with the OMAP3430's dedicated 2D/3D graphics hardware accelerator, provides outstanding user interface and gaming capabilities.

Graphics. The OMAP3430 processor embeds Imagination Technologies' POWERVR SGX™ graphics core, and supports OpenGL ES® 2.0 and OpenVG™, providing superior graphics performance and advanced user interface capabilities. TI is enabling sophisticated and dynamic images with "smart pixel" technology offered via OpenGL ES 2.0. This unique technology allows each pixel in an image to be programmed individually, giving user interface and gaming developers the power to create rich effects with cinematic realism. Users will now experience "life-like" facial features, advanced reflection effects and multi-textured backgrounds in the mobile environment.

Imaging. An integrated image signal processor (ISP) allows for image quality enhancement while reducing external components, lowering system costs and lowering system power. The OMAP3430 can connect to images sensors up to 12 megapixels in size with minimal shot-to-shot delay, enabling camera phones and imaging devices that are equivalent to or better than most digital still cameras on the market today. Additional features in the OMAP3430, such as On-the-fly JPEG compression and connectivity support for both serial and parallel cameras, aid in throughput and storage as well as add design flexibility.

Software and support. The OMAP3430 is designed to support all high-level operating system (HLOS) platforms, including the leading Linux®, Microsoft® Windows Mobile™, and Symbian™ OSes. The OMAP Developer Network provides an extensive range of programs and media components that manufacturers can use for differentiating and delivering products to market fast.

Security. The built-in M-Shield™ security technology enables operators to add value-added services for content protection, transaction security and secure network access, plus terminal security functions such as secure flashing and booting, terminal identity protection and network lock protection. Enhanced with ARM TrustZone™ support, OMAP3430 security is based on open APIs and provides an environment for secure applications that deliver robust performance and interoperability.

Power management. The OMAP3430 boasts the most advanced and effective power management techniques in the market. The chip makes exhaustive use of TI's SmartReflex technologies which include a broad range of intelligent and adaptive hardware and software techniques that dynamically control voltage, frequency and power based on device activity, modes of operation and temperature. Additionally the OMAP3430 is supported by the TWL4030 power management/audio codec companion device which is designed specifically to maximize battery life and boost system performance in mobile phones that leverage the OMAP3430 applications processor. The highly integrated TWL5030 audio/energy management device combines SmartReflex-compliant voltage regulators and converters, a high-fidelity audio/voice codec, class-AB/D audio amplifiers, high-speed USB 2.0 OTG transceiver, battery charger circuitry and much more into a single chip, significantly reducing board space and system cost while managing power consumption efficiently.

Block diagram

Omap3430 block diagram.png


Datasheet: File:Omap3430-multimedia.pdf

Technical Reference Manual: File:Omap3430-trm.pdf