Texas Instruments OMAP3630

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The OMAP36xx high-performance, multimedia application device is based on the enhanced OMAPTM 3 architecture and is integrated on TI advanced 45-nm process technology.

This OMAP device includes state-of-the-art power-management techniques required for high-performance mobile products. The following subsystems are part of the device:

  1. Microprocessor unit (MPU) subsystem based on the ARM CortexTM-A8 microprocessor
  2. Imaging video and audio (IVA2.2) subsystem with a TMS320C64xTM digital signal processor (DSP)


  1. POWERVR® SGX530 subsystem for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration to support display and gaming


  1. Camera image signal processor (ISP2P) that supports multiple formats and interfacing options to a

wide variety of image sensors

  1. Display subsystem with a wide variety of features for multiple concurrent image manipulation, and a

programmable interface supporting a wide variety of displays. The display subsystem also supports NTSC/PAL video out.

  1. Level 3 (L3) and level 4 (L4) interconnects that provide high-bandwidth data transfers for multiple

initiators to the internal and external memory controllers and to on-chip peripherals The device also offers:

  1. A comprehensive power and clock-management scheme that enables high-performance, low-power

operation, and ultralow-power standby features. The device also supports SmartReflexTM adaptative voltage control. This power-management technique for automatic control of the operating voltage of a module reduces the active power consumption.

  1. Connectivity to various cellular modem chipset
  2. Memory stacking feature using the package-on-package (POP) implementation

Datasheet: File:Omap3630 trm.pdf