TriQuint TQM679002

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TriQuint TQM679002


The TQM679002 is full WLAN/BT front-end module in an ultra small 3mm x 3mm footprint package for 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth applications. The TQM679002 contains 2.4GHz PA,

directional detector, front-end switch, Bluetooth path and receive balun. The architecture and interface are optimized for next generation WLAN integration into handset devices. The front-end module features CMOS compatible control voltages to facilitate ease of use. With its low power dissipation, the front-end Module contributes to the extended battery life of next generation WLAN solutions. The front-end module is manufactured in TriQuint’s high-reliability E/D pHEMT technology and is assembled in thin profile 3mm x 3mm x 0.45mm ETSLP - 16 Pb-Free package.

Datasheet: File:Tqm679002.pdf